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A Global Thought Leader Of Human Relations
Leading you in this transformative journey is SRK.
One of the 100 Most Influential Global HR Leaders
as recognized by World HRD Congress.

Helping Business Realize
and Optimize Its Human Potential

SRK Consultings is your partner in the journey to change human relations across the workplace. We support your organization by inspiring and enabling people to come together, collaborate and achieve business results.

“Through SRK Consultings, my vision is to transform the modern workplace by synergizing human potential to achieve business results.” – Sachidanand

About SRK

A visionary changing the modern enterprise workplace

One of the 100 Most Influential Global HR Leaders and Asia Pacific’s 50 Most Influential Tech HR Leaders – recognized by World HRD Congress, Sachidanand is passionate about human relations and workplace culture. With over 16 years of experience across multiple HR functions, he envisions to act as a catalyst for change and support businesses to develop next generation of leaders. He is also passionate about building an environment where people find meaning at work and meet their aspirations. A passion which constantly drives him to observe new trends in human capital for its utmost leverage.

Our Services

Leading The Human Workplace To Its True Potential



Helping you capitalize the people potential of your start up.


CXO Advisory

Supporting CXO’s endeavor to build a purpose driven organization where people find meaning at work.


Your HR Mitra

Your very own HR Mitra mentoring, guiding and helping you with your workplace woes.


Revitalizing Work Culture & Engagement

Helping organizations revitalize their work culture for people to perform at their fullest potential.


Capability Development

Helping businesses excel by supporting and augmenting their capability development process.


HR & Business Alignment

Supporting leaders align HR function and practices to business objectives to deliver business goal and improve the bottom line.


HR Technology Consulting

Ensuring that you have invested in the right HR technology and you are leveraging it to its optimum.


  • It is very difficult to understand “People” and if any organization is taking on this challenge, it is time to call Sachin. Mapping what People want from an organization and the org’s capacity to provide is what Sachin is good at. Sachin is an extremely calm and composed person, armed with knowledge and the capability to use the knowledge combined with his valuable work experience gathered over the years. He is a gem of a person, and one of the best of person in Human Resource I have worked with so far.

    Pranali Vichare Co-Founder, Director at
  • They say common thoughts find their routes to each other and when they meet, there is a volcano of thoughts, ideas and the lava of great success starts flowing. It was no different when Sachidanand got connected to our company. Sachidanand is an exception in entire HR fraternity and the reason is not his resplendent knowledge, but the passion he holds for people. I strongly recommend Sachidanad to all business leaders who believe in the power of Culture for a productive workplace.

    Shashi Sudhanshu CEO at
  • Having known Sachidanad when he was a promising young person, it is not surprising to see him growing wonderfully in his career. Sachin has always added value to organization workplace. He is a self-driven, high-energy person with high commitment. He is a good human being and has a strong commitment to people and their development. It is a pleasure to see him as a seasoned HR and business leader.

    Sanjay Tapas Bridging – Business, Execution and Excellence
  • I have been in touch with Sachidanand personally and professionally since his early days of career at Wipro. I always find him very energetic, enthusiastic and ready to help you going out of the way. He comes up with different ideas to meet the resourcing and staffing challenges. He does not like status-co and always sets stretched goals for self. I wish him a great success in personal and professional life.

    Ramakant Kapatral Director at Orange Semiconductor Pvt Ltd
  • I know Sachin as a person who plans very meticulously every detail of the project that he is working on and ensures that the work is executed according to plan. With his pleasing persona he has great ability to work with people across different hierarchies and communicate with them with ease. Behind his pleasing demeanor he is a driven individual who achieves the goal that he has set for himself. I wish him lots of successes in his life and in his endeavors.

    Vasudevan KVS General Manager & Head Operations - Advanced Technologies & Solutions at Wipro Technologies
  • Sachidanand and his team are poised to identify and strengthen the hidden treasures of people development. Thanks to them, we have come to realise that team-building isn't a science or art, rather a right mix of these two. Our engagement with team SRK has drawn a definite way forward for a connected, involved and result orientated team of,

    Bala Nadar Founder -

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World HRD Congress
50 Most Influential Tech HR Leaders (Asia Pacific) by World HRD 
World HRD Congress
100 Most Influential Global HR Leaders by World HRD Congress
Nihilent Technologies
CEO Excellence Award
Wipro Technologies
Thanks a Zillion Award